BlacChynaOpensUpAbout'Painful'BreastReductionSurgeryinNewVideoBlacChynaOpensUpAbout'Painful'BreastReductionSurgeryinNewVideoGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Blac Chyna Opens Up About 'Painful' Breast Reduction Surgery in New Video

Blac Chyna details 'one of the worst things that could happen' after breast reduction surgery.
Blac Chyna reveals 'painful' complications from breast reduction surgery in new video.
Blac Chyna shares her decision to reduce her breast size in a new Instagram video.
Blac Chyna describes experiencing complications after reducing her breast size from 585cc to 385cc.

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Blac Chyna talks about her left breast encapsulating around the implant, causing painful results.
Blac Chyna plans for future surgeries to maintain her breast appearance and expresses excitement for being part of the 'Itty bitty tittle committee.'