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Christine Brown's Fear of Losing 'Independence' in Marriage

Christine Brown, from 'Sister Wives', expresses her happiness and independence in her new monogamous marriage with David Woolley.

I was always concerned I would lose my independence in monogamy. I realized the other day, being married to the right person (David for me!) that I am more independent than I ever was! #strongwoman #independent #strongerthanever #blessed
In an Instagram post, Christine gushes about being married to David Woolley and how she feels more independent than ever.
Christine includes empowering hashtags like 'strong woman', 'independent', 'stronger than ever', and 'blessed' in her Instagram post about David.
Christine and David got married after a six-month engagement and have been openly expressing their love for each other on social media.
Christine wrote an adorable message for David before their wedding, expressing her excitement and love for him.
David also shares his love for Christine on social media and expresses his happiness in their marriage.