Live an immersive experience inside interactive artwork in Dubai.Live an immersive experience inside interactive artwork in Dubai.

Live a fully immersive Art experience in Dubai.

Famous artworks are being turned into psychedelic 3D dreamscapes projected at 360 degrees onto the walls of Souk Madinat Jumeirah’s Theatre of Digital Art (ToDA)
Multimedia exhibitions, modern immersive installations, and Virtual Reality art is expected.
A fully cognitive experience.
Its first exhibition, in 2020, included iconic works from very
known artists, like Monet and Van Gogh, digitized and paired with music in surround.

Modern audio-visual technology is used in the exhibitions to transform the artworks into a multimodal experience with music and animations.
NFT and AI represented too.
NFTs in physical form are also exhibited in digital frames thanks to the collection of works by both historical masters and modern digital artists
Beyond art, there is also a playful dimension for kids with interactive dance for example
Will digital replace the physical art?
For a lot of creatives there is no distinction between art and technology.