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"Joyful Sophie Turner Flourishes in New Romance with Peregrine Pearson"

Actress Sophie Turner and British billionaire Peregrine Pearson confirm their relationship after being seen together in Europe.
Sophie Turner, 27, is 'very happy' in her new relationship with Peregrine Pearson...
...according to Us Weekly. The actress and the 29-year-old British hunk, whose nickname is Perry, recently seemingly confirmed their romance when they were seen spending time together in Europe.
Sophie has been casually dating a few people since her split from Joe. She really seems to like spending time with Perry.
According to a source, things are still fairly new between Sophie and Peregrine, but she's really happy with how things are moving along. It's too soon to tell if there's long term potential, but things might be headed that way.
Sophie and Peregrine's relationship comes three months after Sophie announced her split from Joe Jonas. The former couple mutually decided to amicably end their marriage and have requested privacy for themselves and their children.
Following their split, Sophie and Joe went through a custody battle for their two children, reaching a temporary custody agreement in October to alternate the kids' time between their residences in the U.S. and the U.K.