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Jeremy Strong's Other Half in 'Succession'

Meet Emma Wall
Emma Wall's impressive career is often overshadowed by her husband, Jeremy Strong, who is nominated for a 2024 Golden Globe Award. Here's what you need to know about her.
Jeremy Strong gave a remarkable performance on Succession, earning a nomination for a 2024 Golden Globe Award. In real life, he's happily married to Emma Wall, and they have three children together.
Emma, a psychiatrist and documentary filmmaker, co-founded Guest House Productions and directed the documentary Guerilla Habeas. She has done psychiatric work with refugees, which inspired her work as a filmmaker.
Jeremy and Emma met at a party in New York City during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. They got married at a castle in Emma’s home country and are private about their family life.
Jeremy and Emma split their time between Brooklyn, New York, and Copenhagen, Denmark. Jeremy described Denmark as a sane and gentle place, a refuge for him.
Jeremy is a proud Girl Dad, with three daughters, Ingrid, Clara, and a third whose name hasn’t been revealed. Fatherhood has brought stability and fulfillment to his life.