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Big Family and a Baby Girl with ASAP Rocky, Reveals Source

Rihanna's Dream
Rihanna and ASAP Rocky, both 35, began dating in 2020. The pair welcomed their first son, RZA, two years later.
In August, the family of three expanded with son Riot Rose. Now, the duo are thrilled to be living out their dreams together.
"Rihanna has taken to motherhood like a total natural and Rocky is the most amazing father she could have hoped for," a source exclusively told Us in September.
Rihanna, for her part, shared how becoming a mother has changed her whole mindset.
"I’m living for my son. Everything matters now. You really start to take a lot into account," Rihanna said during a February appearance on the “Process with Nate Burleson” podcast.
"Skydiving?! You really think about stuff like that — it’s not worth it. Everything is different... before my son seems very obscure. It’s very small and cloudy, it just got better with him. It’s so much hard work but nothing is more fulfilling than that."