SimoneBiles'HusbandSurprisesHerwith3Bouquets:ProvingHe'sthe"Catch"SimoneBiles'HusbandSurprisesHerwith3Bouquets:ProvingHe'sthe"Catch"Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

Simone Biles' Husband Surprises Her with 3 Bouquets: Proving He's the "Catch"

Simone Biles showed off her floral arrangements in a social media photo.
Simone Biles received three bouquets of flowers from her husband, Jonathan Owens, and shared them on her Instagram story.
Jonathan Owens expressed his love for Simone in a post, despite the controversy surrounding their relationship.

green bae 💚
Simone Biles also shared a photo showing her support for her husband, captioned with 'mood'.
Simone and Jonathan have been open about their love for each other, despite the controversies they've faced.
Simone and Jonathan started dating in 2020, got engaged in 2022, and exchanged vows in April 2023. They have supported each other in their professional careers.