TrappedinChristine'sMarriage,UnabletoBreakFree!"TrappedinChristine'sMarriage,UnabletoBreakFree!"Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

Trapped in Christine's Marriage, Unable to Break Free!"

"Sister Wives' Kody Brown
Kody Brown recalls why he allegedly didn't break up with Christine before she initiated their split in 2021. Christine called him a coward for not ending the relationship.
In a throwback clip, Kody claimed he's 'good with that' and insisted 'Nobody's a prisoner here.' They announced their breakup in November 2021, and Kody reflected on feeling like a 'prisoner' in the relationship.
Kody explains the limitations of ending a polygamist marriage and expresses relief that Christine ended it, admitting he wasn't always in love with her.
Christine remembers the breakup discussion as the moment Kody 'agreed I could go,' and she felt empowered to focus on herself and her children.
Since their split, two of Kody's other marriages have ended, with Janelle and Meri announcing their separations. Kody is still married to Robyn. The upcoming episode of Sister Wives Look Back: How It’s Going airs on TLC Sunday, December 31, at 10 p.m. ET.
Kody reveals why he 'favors' Robyn over his other wives, and his exes react to not feeling 'loyal enough.'