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Taylor Swift Joins Travis Kelce's Chiefs Game on Christmas with Her Parents

Taylor Swift supports Travis Kelce at Kansas City Chiefs game on Christmas Day.
Taylor Swift arrives at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City with her parents to support Travis Kelce.
Taylor Swift sports a red shirt and plaid skirt with black tights for Travis Kelce's Christmas Day game.
Taylor Swift walks into the stadium with Santa Claus for Travis Kelce's game against the Las Vegas Raiders.
Taylor Swift has been a supportive girlfriend to Travis Kelce at his games.
Travis Kelce gushes about Taylor Swift's 'aura' and her ability to handle fame in an interview with WSJ. Magazine.
Travis Kelce admires Taylor Swift's ability to handle fame and scrutiny from the media.
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce plan to spend New Year's together as Taylor supports Travis at his holiday games.