"VictoriousStarDaniellaMonet'sHilarious'Chicago'Sing-Along,OveraDecadeLater!""VictoriousStarDaniellaMonet'sHilarious'Chicago'Sing-Along,OveraDecadeLater!"Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

"Victorious Star Daniella Monet's Hilarious 'Chicago' Sing-Along, Over a Decade Later!"

Daniella Monet, 34, took Us back to 2010 while singing “Chicago,” a song that her Victorious character, Trina Vega, performed during season 1 of the show.
Monet danced around a gym while recreating choreography from Trina’s play, Trina! A One Woman Show. Monet concluded the video by doing a cartwheel and a split.
Celebrity friends and fans laughed with Monet in her comments section. Another fan commented, “This has fueled me for the rest of the year,” to which Monet replied, “This is what I want to hear 🤩.”
In 2019, while performing in the Windy City, she surprised fans by singing the song on stage. The crowd roared with excitement as she played a video of her character from the episode.
Last month, she took to TikTok to share that she still has the zombie mask her character wore during season 1 of the sitcom.
Grande celebrated Gillies’ birthday with a meaningful social media post.